About me


I am a ceramic sculptor based in the heart of West Yorkshire. In 2010 I gained a 1st class honours degree in Applied Arts from Leeds Metropolitan University, having studied at the Batley School of Art &Design.


The following pages show a selection of my work that illustrate the feelings I have for clay. I use a variety of firing techniques and different types of glazes to enhance the surface texture of the clay.  


Having always been attracted to natural surroundings and organic surfaces, the ceramic forms I create embody the varied surfaces and textures of the landscape around me, combining this with my love of sculpture and the human form. I use a variety of techniques to push the tolerance levels of clay, often producing something unexpected in appearance. I get immense enjoyment from working with clay and allowing my thoughts and decisions influence the way in which a piece develops. The responsiveness of the material to the most delicate of touches and the way it can hold it's shape even when put under a certain amount of stress continues to educate me.